“Elemental Mysteries turned into one of the best paranormal series I’ve read this year. It’s sharp, elegant, clever, evenly paced without dragging its feet, and at the same time emotionally intense.”
β€”Nocturnal Book Reviews


Welcome to the Elemental Mysteries, where history and the paranormal collide, and where no secret stays hidden forever. Join five hundred year old rare book dealer, Giovanni Vecchio, and librarian, Beatrice De Novo, as they travel the world in search of the mystery that brought them together, the same mystery that could tear everything they love apart.

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The continuing story of the Elemental World, featuring stand alone novels, novellas, and short stories set in the Elemental Mysteries universe.






Available from all major retailers in e-book and paperback format.

274 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. cassandra staples says:

    I love these books!! Out of the hundreds (if not low thousands) of books I’ve read, this is definitely sitting on my “will read again/ no you can’t borrow it/ will follow author always” shelves.
    Thank you so much sharing them with us!!

    1. E Hunter says:

      What a fantastic compliment, Cassandra! Thank you so much and I’m really glad you enjoyed them! You can also check out ElizabethHunterWrites.com for my books in other genres.


  2. Susan Baratta says:

    The series keeps getting better and better. One of the best paranormals out there. I think there is plenty of story in this marvelous world to surpass four books!!

    1. E Hunter says:

      Thanks, Susan! I really appreciate you stopping by the website and letting me know how much you enjoyed the books. It’s great to hear from readers!


  3. Alison by Numbers - Northman Maille says:

    Hiya, just starting number three and I’m sad. I read one and two back to back, barely slept for two days. I adore the characters, especially Carwyn and Caspar. You are doing so well. Good luck for more!

    1. E Hunter says:

      Thanks so much, Tammy! I’m so glad you enjoyed them.

      Unfortunately, at this time, Amazon and Barnes & Noble will not let independent authors put books up for pre-order. But if you subscribe to the website or follow me on Facebook, I make sure to do a big post as soon as the books are available so everybody knows. Hope that helps and thanks so much for reading,


  4. Dominique Waight says:

    Just finished the third installment, the force of wind! This is an amazing series, defiantly one of the best I have ever read! I cannot wait till June for A fall of Water! Going to be another fantastic book I can tell! Elizabeth Hunter, you are awesome!

  5. Nina says:

    Hey there, I finished book two two days ago and I can’t to sink my teeth on number three! As many have said before me, I haven’t been this excited about a series since, I don’t know, Harry Potter maybe. Congratulations on such an amazing series.

    1. E Hunter says:

      Wow, as an HP fan myself that is a massive compliment, Nina! Thank you so much. I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed the series. Book Four is out in just one more week!

    1. E Hunter says:

      Thank you very much! I’m actually working on a new series right now, as well as expanding the Elemental Mysteries world. Hope you might check out my future work over on ElizabethHunterWrites.com. And thank you for dropping by the website!


  6. Carol Tressler says:

    I just discovered your series on Amazon. I bought all four books and read them in one weekend. I love the characters and can’t wait to see the next one. I also bought a previous book written by you about a group of artists. You are a wonderful wordsmith. Thank you for your gift.

    1. E Hunter says:

      Thank YOU, Carol, for your lovely note! What an encouraging thing to say. I really appreciate it and I’m glad that you’ve enjoyed my work. Thank you so much for coming by the website!


  7. Kasia Wybranska says:

    I think this is by far one of best series I’ve ever read; and I agree I have not been so entranced since harry Potter and of course Tolkein. I am so excited that you will be extending the series….I can read a book in one day (and I pretty much do in between caring for my four year old son) Once I am spellbound by an author so talented she can so vividly spin a world with rich charactors, lush historical content and unique world I just want more. I beg you to keep entrancing me with many books about this world as you can imagine and create. Reading is my one of my greatest loves. So thank you.

  8. moxiemollymo says:

    You know, I am never a fan of the “fleshy” book covers, but the way you’ve changed them does communicate the romance vibe without compromising the integrity of the originals. So you get the moxie seal of approval, for what it’s worth πŸ™‚

    I heart you and the Elemental Mysteries series!

    1. E Hunter says:

      Thanks, Mo! You know, I really, REALLY loved the original covers, so I didn’t want to scrap them at all! At the same time, I needed to communicate the genre better to new readers. I’m so glad you think I hit a good compromise. I’m really happy with them.

  9. Polly says:

    I have really enjoyed youur series and look forward to your expansion of the elemental world. I like the way you have grounded your characters in their own history rather than have long lived vampires falling madly in love over about three days and completely changing personality as so many books do. I’m very much looking forward to reading your future books. Thank you.

  10. Cheri Higdon says:

    I just finished the first book to this series and have to immediately buy the last three. The way all of the characters play together is perfect and you leave the reader just having to know more. I love a good series that I can really get my teeth into as I become attached to the characters. To me that is the sign of a good book…leaving me wanting more without leaving me frustrated. That is also very difficult to accomplish I believe.
    I also greatly appreciate that I did not have to skip over a bunch of graphic sex scenes or read through unnecessary bad language to enjoy your book. I cannot tell you how much I am looking forward to the next three books in this series. You have just found a new loyal reader. You keep the books coming and I will keep reading them. I read approximately 200-225 books a year so I LOVE to discover new authors.

  11. mark clark says:

    Found the series last friday and just finished book three. I plan on reading book 4 monday on payday. I love these books. Pleas write more in this universe.

  12. Marie says:

    I am an avid reader averaging three books a week. I am so glad I didn’t stumble across your first book until you had written the other three because I don’t think I could have waited. This has to be one of the most well written series I’ve read in my life!

    1. Flesch maker says:

      “I am so glad I didn’t stumble across your first book until you had written the other three…”
      ahmen and ditto and ^^^^. Properly written books in a genre I enjoy.

  13. jlynn_lynn says:

    I absolutely adore this series and have already read them twice. While I enjoyed the Sookie Stackhouse Novels and Twilight, this series has far surpassed those. You have create a leading lady that is intelligent, independent, forward-thinking, and quite honestly kick ass. Thank you for creating her and Giovanni. I am anxious to read about what happens to Ben, Tenzin, and Carwyn. Their stories are so intriguing! I do hope this gains in popularity and receives its just do. Seeing these characters make it to the big screen or to a mini-series would be a guilty pleasure for so many.

    Thank you so much for writing these. You have set the bar really high ruining it for many others!

  14. Laura says:

    Your writing is beautiful. I could see this story in my mind like a movie. Yes, I read Twilight and found it lacking on so many levels. And i have no desire yo read 50 Shades of Gray. Thank you. This series is on must keep and reread list!

  15. Mary says:

    Just finished all of the the Elemental Mysteries series to date. Loved the characters and their development into each story. You held my attention and was so sorry when I finished the last page. Cannot wait until December. Will certainly pre order the book. Hope you will continue the series as the door seems open for the future.

  16. Shannon Stuckey says:

    I read all 4 books in less than 4 days.. Once I was home from work it was my face in the book unable to put the kindle down.. love the character development that you gave us. I cannot wait to read the other books that you have written. What a pleasure to read!

  17. Lori says:

    These were such great books! I enjoyed them more than anything I’ve read lately, so happy to have found your work! thank you! and looking forward to what comes next!

  18. claire swift says:

    totally loved all four of these books πŸ˜‰ I read the first one in three days, I just couldnt put it down and had to go straight to amazon to get the other three (at 2am lol) And as my kids discovered mum can still cook dinner with her nose in the kindle haha.
    I cant wait for Building from Ashes to come out later this year. I’ve read hundreds and hundreds of books but this is one of the few series that I will definitely be reading over and over. Elizabeth Hunter has been added to my growing list of favourite authors ;-))

  19. Candy says:

    I am reading the 4th book now and I just wanted to say that its been great so far. I kept looking and reading the next one πŸ™‚ Keep up the good work.

  20. Judy says:

    I have never left a reply or left a review before to any author. I read all 4 books in a week and I work over 40 hours a week. Your books are fantastic. You have created a world full of intrigue, but what amazed me the most was the depth of emotion you were able to evoke. I look forward other books from you.

  21. s. Aubry says:

    Absolutely enjoyed the series. Once I read the first I had to read the rest. I could visualize the characters and settings so clearly. Would love to see these on the big screen.

  22. Cheryl says:

    Was looking for a supernatural book to download and I found A Hidden Fire in Amazon’s free listings. I have so enjoyed reading it that I have purchased This Same Earth and am about to purchase The Force of Wind. I have been so engrossed in the story and I love the characters and it is so very grown up. Thank you for some much needed escapism, I have recommended them to my like minded friends and family.

    Am following you on Facebook now.

  23. Regina DuBois says:

    I finished this series in 1 week. We had no power during Hurricane Isaac and alot of damage to our home. With this series, I was able to keep my sanity and lose myself into this book while caos was happening all around me. Thanks for the “Chill Pill”

  24. Michelle Graves says:

    I would just like to say that you suck me in with every word you write. I have suffered many sleepless nights on account of your incredible writing and have not been the slightest bit upset the next day. I finished your Elemental series and then also read your contemporary romance The Genius and the Muse. I have never really found an author before that has such a profound ability to make written relationships seem so real and plausible. Whether they are between two humans or a vampire and a human. I love that you don’t sugar coat the relationship issues and that there are real problems with the couples that have to be overcome. I am so excited to have found you and you have most assuredly moved to the top of my favorite authors list. I look forward to many future sleepless nights at the expense of your well written word!

    Thanks for the amazing adventures,

  25. Desi says:

    Darn I read them all so fast now impatient for the next one to come out does ben turn to does tenzin have to turn him will Giovanni come in and fight for him. I don’t think we are really done with Giovanni. I have read every Dean koontz and Stephen King they haven’t got anything on you. Loved all the characters.Dez might find herself in trouble for helping Giovanni & Beatrice also lol so many ideas and plots. Cant wait I love to read keep them coming. Desi

  26. Sarah Mace says:

    I just finished the last book in the series and I have to say this: I cried my heart out, laughed my head off, and smiled like a fool in front of my classmates at school and my coworkers at work and I do not regret it for a second. I fell in love with all of the characters, not just Gio and B, and can’t wait to follow on the next journey with Cawryn and see what the others are all up to. Also can’t wait to see what happens with the wonderfully amazing Benjamin who deserves an award for his awesomeness.
    Writers like you remind me why I want to be a writer and why I stress myself out staring at a blank Word Doc for hours and want to pull my hair out.
    Because it’s all worth it.
    Thank you for these characters and this world, can’t wait to read more.
    Lots of love.

  27. Jess says:

    I know i shouldn’t of, but I left my assignment until last minute and I don’t regret it one bit! I LOVED the series and can’t wait for more. Also very suspicious about Ben and Tenzin and their relationship, I loved these two characters together. Hopefully there is more to come! You are an amazing writer!

  28. Rhonda says:

    Love….love this series and feel in love with the characters. I couldn’t stop reading. Have recommended to several others! Wanted to see how the 4th book would end but didn’t want the story to end πŸ™‚ I can’t wait for the next story! Thank you thank you for the escape I looked forward to every chance I got. You are an incredible writer.

  29. Laura says:

    I loved the series and was thoroughly schocked that only one library in the States had any of the books when I tried to search on the OCLC to request for ILL. I will be buying a set for my local library so that two libraries in the US will have the series available for the public to discover Ms. Hunter’s gifted abilities. πŸ™‚

  30. Melissa says:

    I have become a follower of this series! I downloaded the first book for free on my Kindle and just had to keep going. I was so surprised at the way I was drawn into the storyline. Bravo Ms. Hunter! I’m impatiently waiting for this new series!

  31. E Hunter says:

    So many lovely comments on the blog. Thank you ALL for coming by and sharing your love for the books. I’m so very flattered and I hope that Building From Ashes lives up to expectations!

    Thank you again,

    1. janice dumas says:

      .If building from ashes is the second book whst is the first in this new series.Want to be sure and read them in order. Have totally enjoyed them

      1. elizhunter says:

        Building From Ashes is the first novel in the Elemental World series. The second novel is Blood and Sand, which isn’t out yet. And Waterlocked is a novella that is stand-alone.

  32. Erin says:

    Have just discovered these books and I have to that I love them! Read the series in 4 days as just could not put them down! I am an avid reader but nothing has drawn me in as deeply as this has recently. I Love the fact that B is such a kick-ass heroine- so unusual in paranormal romance books.
    I have told all of my friends about them and hope you get a few more avid followers as a result! Can’t wait to read Building from Ashes. I am sure that it will live up to my expectations.

  33. Seren says:

    Just coming to the end of A Fall of Water on the Kindle. I really dont want it to end so Im only reading a few pages at a time! I have really enjoyed this series and the writting is excellent, although it made me blush a few times πŸ™‚ Looking forward very much to the new series. I usually stay away from vampire stories after the recent explosion of them but this was totally different with unique ideas. I will recommend to all my fellow book lovers here in the UK.

    Thank you for the stories,


  34. alia renee says:

    Elizabeth thank you for sharing your work with us your fans!! I love these books and am just about to start the last of the four. Wish it wasn’t ending but looking forward to the new collection of the storyline coming soon. Ill be holding my breath!! Thank you for showing a well thought out and interesting entertaing vampire novels!! I was giving up on finding a great series and here you are!! Great job and keep up the hard work!! Cheers and god bless you in your work!!

  35. Susie says:

    Read the series in less than a week! Love love love Gio and B…such an epic love story. Please make sure to check in on them in future books and don’t give them anymore trouble! πŸ™‚ Can’t believe how the story and your writing made me so invested in these characters. As many others have said, I’m sad to be done, the read was so enjoyable. Thank you!

  36. progressingenlightenment says:

    It is a rare talent for a writer to hold their readers’ attention so raptly through the course of one book much less four books. I kept waiting to be able to predict, and therefore skim through, the story being told by Ms. Hunter but this never occurred. I devoured all four books in record time and upon finishing the final sentence had a sense of loss that I no longer would be able to pick up my kindle and step into a world that contained Beatrice, Gio., Dez, Ben, Tenzin, Carwyn and all the other richly developed characters in this series of books. I look forward to following your writing career and seeing where you path will lead you.

  37. Kalicokat says:

    I’ve just read A Hidden Fire as it was available on Kindle for free. I’m hooked and can’t wait to jump into This Same Earth. I love the characters and story. I haven’t enjoyed a series of books since I have ready Deborah Harkness’s A Discovery of Witches and Shadow Of Night. This series is right there challenging that series. I love all the characters and can’t wait to see how the rest of the story goes along with their own stories. I agree with the previous poster that when i’m done with this series I will have a sense of loss and longing for them that they will be on my short list of those that I love to re-read at least once a year! Thank you for giving us such a wonderful world full of great characters to fall in love with.

  38. Kristin says:

    These books are so addicting. I’m on book three right now and i can’t put it down. This series totally takes vampire fiction to a new level. Way better than Twilight. πŸ™‚

  39. Nicole says:

    I read A Hidden Fire because it was free on the Kindle. And from the first chapter I was hooked! I couldn’t put it down. After I was forced to stop because I had to go to bed I would get up the next day and continue reading! Took me two days to finish the first two books, then I had to wait for funds and I bought the next two books and read them both! I can’t for Carwyn’s story to come out, though I am in love with Gio and B!! They are definitely on my “I’m going to reread” list ❀

  40. darby says:

    I haven’t slept much since Friday, when I began book 1. Finished book 3 this morning, about to start book 4. FABULOUS story – I’m completely immersed! Thank you!!!

  41. Doug says:

    My first experience with stories in this “vein.” I am 65 years old and was “hooked” from the first chapter. I have been working on incorporating Native American mysticism into my novel of the Northern Cheyenne and your style has provided valuable insight into techniques that I may utilize. Now that I have finished reading your four novels I may be able to return to my own works. (But I will be watching for the next series.) Well Done!

  42. Cherry Suarez says:

    I’ve just finished A Fall of Water after a marathon few days of reading (since finding A Hidden Fire) -and not by choice; I could NOT put my Kindle down -transferring it to my phone so I could continue to read while at work and running errands! I was ecstatic that the story will continue with your next release and am looking foward to it. I’ve been an avid and compulsive reader for 30 years and love to follow series books by accomplished authors who I can rely on for a good read. I’ve added you that list and commend you on your skill -I was aptly captivated and I thank you for the experience. Kudos to you and the obvious fame you are about to encounter!!!

  43. Eunice says:

    Elizabeth… I just finished all 4 books of Gio and Bea’s story. You definitely captured my attention with this series and I didn’t want it to end. I am so glad that there’s another one coming out in October. Your characters are fascinating! The vibe and the flow of the storyline makes one feel transported to what they were seeing and feeling. You are so gifted in story telling and I could vividly visualize the atmosphere and mood as I read each chapter. I’m so looking forward to hearing more about the other characters in the series.
    Please continue this series. It’s one of the best I’ve read in a long time. Thank you for sharing this with the rest of us. I have just become a great fan of your work! Cheers!

  44. PK Patterson says:

    I bought #1 on 9/17 – finished it and was so eager for more that I bought #2 on 9/22, #3 on 9/24, & #4 on 9/25. It was like a drug; I could not get enough. Even though there were small grammatical errors that happen in just about every e-book I’ve ever read that usually drive me away, I still remain loyal.

    I was smitten with the characters and the stories from the very first scene. I laughed with them, I cried with them, I became angry with them, and I find that I am highly attached to all of them. Thank you so much for the constant company faithful author, I remain ever more your faithful reader.

  45. Anna Freeman says:

    I loved this series! I am normally not a paranormal reader, but after seeing the great reviews, decided to give it a try. Am so glad I did and could not put them down! My husband is now reading them! Can’t wait for october 23rd now.

  46. Minnie says:

    Not a vampire fan but all four of your books had me hooked! Loved how they were all so well written and the depth of the characters! I must say, I was deeply saddened when I read the last page of book 4…looking forward to reading more of your books in the near future! Loved, loved, loved them! Hope this series makes it the big screen! ; )

  47. Margie Freedle says:

    I came across the first book in this series. Read it in one day. Could not put it down. So I went and bought the next three. Just finished. Loved these books. Cant wait to read more! Great work! I am a new fan…

  48. Rach B says:

    Really enjoying this series. Bought the first, then followed up by buying the rest of the series in one go, all on my lovely Kindle….are you on FB as I would love to follow what you’re up to there.

  49. Donna says:

    I am obsessed with your books! I’ve read through the 4 books this weekend saboring all the words and the plot is amazing, it really is. It’s bigger than just two romance it has the characters and the story as well! I’m really eager to know what happened between Tenzin and Ben- did they– are they mated for each other? What happened with the trade Jacopo made?

  50. Sarah says:

    I don’t normally write comments or post on blogs but I just felt I had to say a huge thank you for creating this wonderful world and enriching my imagination. I finished all 4 books in about 6 days and thats with 3 kids, I could not keep away from these books, they absorbed my every waking moment. I am so pleased there are going to be more in this series. Elizabeth Hunter you have made my small list of authors to read absolutely everything by, thank you.

  51. Kris says:

    Got started on the first about 1 1/2 weeks ago, then read the rest back to back. Great series–can’t wait for the next round! Congratulations and thank you!!!

  52. Shona says:

    I have just finished The Fall of Water. I loved the books. I’ve just read all four in less than a week. This is my first foray into vampire books but I may be hooked now. Thank you.

  53. Sue says:

    Loved the books, could not put them down… very disappointed when I came to the end 😦 So now I’m very pleased to hear about Building from Ashes can’t wait!

  54. Latreish says:

    I love all four of the books, I took me a week to read the series it was so amazing. What happen to Ben and Tenzin at the end of fall of water. You took us five years later and Ben had just finished his last exam for college and Tenzin was at his apartment. Whats next. Im soooo excited about Building from Ashes, and I know you want to take a break from the Elemental mysteries, but dont leave us hanging for long, Giovanni and Beatrices story was beautiful I want to hear more.

  55. Melody Heaberlin says:

    I just discovered this series last month and was not able to stop reading. Finished them and can’t wait to see more. Thank you for a wonderful read!

  56. Weng Magpayo says:

    Amazing amazing books! I got the 1st ebook for free and immediately bought the other 3. I loved the way all the characters developed, the tie up with the myths and legends, the plot, everything! I don’t usually like vampire stories but this one is really, really fantastic! I love Elizabeth Hunter and she has a big fan in me!

    1. E Hunter says:

      I do plan on writing more in the Elemental World, but first I’m finishing up my new shapeshifter novel called Cambio Springs. It’s a new series and there is already one short published and available on Amazon and B&N, Long Ride Home. Hope you might check it out!

  57. Chris says:

    Aagh. I want to read building from ashes but ibooks don’t offer it and I can’t download kindle to my ipad 1. Will it be there soon? I can’t wait! Loved the first 4 !

    1. E Hunter says:

      It has to work itself through more complicated distribution to get to the iBookstore. But you should be able to download the kindle app to your iPad 1. That’s what I have and I use the kindle! πŸ™‚ Or you can buy an ePub from Smashwords that you can open in iBooks if you want your collection in one place. That might work too! Best of luck!

  58. CHMom19 says:

    Ms. Hunter,
    I have read countless “paranormal romance” novels and yours are by far my favorite of all of them. Your style of writing is rich and engaging. Your characters were so easy to love… I was very sad when I got to the end of Gio and Beatrice’s story. I had lived in their world for a few days and it hurt to see it come to an end, even though the ending was GREAT. I was so excited when I downloaded Building from Ashes, I devoured the book as quickly as possible. Carwyn was by far one of my favorite characters so it was fantastic to see him brough to the forefront in this book. You are a fantastic storyteller and I look forward to reading more of your books. Thank you for sharing your talent with the world.
    By the way, The Genius and The Muse is one of my all time favorite books. I loved that book!!!! I go back and read bits and pieces of it often. Thanks again!

  59. sandy says:

    A friend bugged me to read these. I got the first one and took a while to start reading it, but once i did, i couldn’t wait to read the rest! The story was great! I wish they were movies, they would far outshine twilight. Getting your new release now.

  60. marina says:

    I absoloutely adore your writing and the way you gently entice your readers, there is
    build up and introduction of scenery and characters akin to a fine, classical piece of music. In saying that, this is in no way a gentle book, it evokes suspense, passion, interest in only the best of ways…can you tell I love them? You my lovely are added as one of my favorite authors, I purchased the kindle versions first, and I’m terrified they’ll somehow dissapear so..I’m off to buy paperbacks to TESORO forever!

    1. elizhunter says:

      It should get there eventually, but the extended distribution takes a bit longer. I may play around with their publishing platform again. I tried it at one point and did not have a good experience. I’ll keep you guys updated, though!

  61. S. A. says:

    Read Building from Ashes in two days and wanted more. Probably could’ve been 500 pages and wouldn’t be enough. Love the characters and plot. Can’t wait for your next one

  62. Sue says:

    Hi Elizabeth, “my compliments to the chef” so-to-speak. Just finished Building from Ashes and enjoyed it as much as the previous books. Loved the way it interlinked time-wise as well. Please don’t leave it too long before letting us have another one to delve into!

  63. Yona says:

    Wow, loved reading the whole series, I seriously couldn’t put each book down. As soon as I’d finished one book I was back on amazon ordering the next in the series. Just finished building from the ashes n was so pleased that Carwin found his sole mate. Loved his character. Will their be a follow on series to Gio’s & B for example what happens for Ben n the other close nit immortals this can’t be the end?

    I’ve recommended you to several of my friends, think your books are amazing can’t wait for the next one xxx

  64. aneeta nashad says:

    I loved these books. After reading. The first one, immediately bought the rest. Love that they are intelligent vampire fiction. Everything. In them is wonderful. Getting withdrawal symptoms, so its time to reread them. I keep on recommending these to everyone. They just need to be read. Can’t wait for the next ones. Thank you……

  65. Allison says:

    I want to start off by saying I thoroughly enjoyed every page of these books. The dimensions and importance of details really made the Elemental Series a quick favorite of mine. Alot of authors give a straight line plot with this happens then this and this and so on. You build a character or a reason for something back in the first book that we may not find out about in detail until the third book or even the last. This world you created left me wanting more and more with every page. And I will admit i was a little lost without Giovanni and Beatrice however at the end of Fall of water “Five Years later” The scene with Tenzin and Ben had me jumping up and down saying PLEASE PLEASE give those two a book!! Something about those two even with him “human” and young her ancient as the stars, they have a power and chemistry that simmers just below the surface. Carwyn’s book made me love him more! I thought the way they were married was the best Ihave read in a LOONG time. All i could think was DAMN.

    I look forward to more of these books! Question.. Do you ever plan to release Hardcover or even paperback copies? Ebooks are easy and great but there is nothing like holding a book in your hands while getting lost in it.

    Thanks You for opening this world up to me. Definitely in my top 4 favorite series. Its an original world and characters and extremely well written.

    1. elizhunter says:

      Hey Allison! So sorry I’m just answering your question now. All my books should be available to order in paperback though anyone that orders from Ingram’s distribution. They’re also available online from Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and a few other places. So, they’re not on the shelves, but if you ask your local bookshop to look for them, they can probably find them for you.

      Thanks for reading! And I’m so glad you’re looking forward to more.


  66. Mateus says:

    First heard about E. Hunter in a blog destined to give writers and the like “tips and clues” (which by the way I can’t find anymore, don’t remember the name). This was about half year ago.
    Only now that I got a kindle and accidentally “bumped” into the author again and got the first book, A Hidden Fire.

    Could only say that I’m amazed by the way she brought the vampires into play, slowly bu stead showing the signs of they, nothing so obvious that would seem an offence for the reader neither some “last minute addition”. The elements (magic) thing was a nice add to the vampire background by the way (and even inspirational for a would-be-author).

    Now that I finished it I’m looking forward for the next books of the series and next series from the author.
    You have a really amazing way to tell story, glad you made it!

  67. Bridgette says:

    I’m blown away. I’m speechless. I’m OBSESSED. This series was just fantastic. Action, romance (OH MY GOD THE ROMANCE AND THE KEEPING ME IS SUSPENSE FOR TWO WHOLE BOOKS AHH!), history, international mystery…this series had it all. THANK YOU Ms. Hunter, thank you for creating a truly lovable and bada** heroine, and giving us a new and interesting take on vampire mythology. These books were a pleasure to read and I am recommending them to everyone I know. Honestly, a JOY to read. So fun, so sexy…I just can’t get over it. I loved everything about them. So thank you for this gem of a series, and I will be checking out more of your books as well.

  68. Katy says:

    Just finished Building From Ashes- loved it!!!!!!! Was thrilled to stumble upon A Hidden Fire free on Amazon in October. Since then, my paranormal buddies on my nursing unit, have all begun following Gio and B’s adventures. You have a gift for weaving together a good mystery with a hot romance πŸ˜‰ For someone that deals with a little too much reality, this has been a fantastic escape. Keep up the great work!

  69. Samantha bridge says:

    I’ve been looking for another good vampire novel after twilight and came across these on amazon in the uk, I am almost at the end of book 1 and am loving it so much that I have ready downloaded book 2 ready. Thank you

  70. loloma says:

    I picked up the first book as my first read for leisure after uni ended for the year and i was reminded why i love to read – thank you for the escape from reality! Can’t wait to begin reading carwyn’s story!

  71. Veronica says:

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  73. Amy says:

    I devoured the Elemental series. Thank you for writing such an amazing story — keep them coming!!! (…though I tend to ignore my children when I can’t put them down….I’m building up their independence, right?? πŸ˜‰

    And I missed Tenzin in Carwyn’s story — though, she rightfully didn’t really have a place there — will we be seeing her again soon? I hope so! She’s fascinating.

  74. Samantha says:

    HELP! I’ve got withdrawal symptoms. I flew through the Elemental Series and have just finished Elemental World. What a ride! Just wanted to say thank you – especially because the first book was free – I almost felt guilty not paying for such a well-written book that had me hooked from the off. Can’t wait for more. Hmmmmm…. what to do now….
    Blessings, Sam x

  75. Jeremy V says:

    I was re-reading the elemental series again and got to the part about the string game. It sounded like something my kids would love to play so I have been making clues and rhymes for locations in my house. This should be fun to watch my kids figure out each clue and tie the string.

  76. Ingrid K. V. Hardy says:

    I have just finished reading A Hidden Fire – I got the book for free – and I really liked it. I just bought the second book and started it right away… I’m loving it. All the characters are interesting (though, if I may give an honest opinion, I’m hoping Lorenzo’s character develops a bit more depth), and Gio was a pleasant surprise. He turned in to a VERY interesting romantic lead. But Beatrice is the one who has gotten me hooked on your books – she is evolving, and is not the weak female I was afraid she would be. I adore your writing voice, Elizabeth, I am a new fan of yours, and can’t wait to read the rest of the books.

  77. kassie says:

    Love love loved these books.just finishes building from ashes last night…I think I’m already going through withdrawls!! You are a very talented woman I even have my sister hooked now!there are going to be more books right with carwyn and brigid?I hope so you could go on forever in that world!

  78. shudochris says:

    The “Christian” values of the vampires strike me as strange. For Christians this should be offensive, for non-Christians absurd. Snuggling up in the chapel after a book of mayhem absurd. Killing humans is breaking the commandments. Taking blood unless offered is stealing, even if combined with a mind tweak “Fix your life and do well in school.” And how about influencing minds? Not so ethical either.

    1. Jeremy says:

      Shudochris I would suggest you not read fantasy or scifi novels if you can not separate your beliefs from what you are reading. I do not believe in magic or religion and I find a reasonable connection the characters have with religion in these books. The characters were human with human beliefs before they were turned so it makes sense that they try to reconcile those beliefs with their new reality. The main point it they are just books to entertain us with no other aim than that. If you can not separate the entertainment from your beliefs then read something else.
      Elizabeth – I hope I did not overstep any boundaries here. Your books are great and felt compelled to defend them.

      1. Desi says:

        I agree fantasy and fiction are great reads I am a Christian and I really enjoy reading these books. If nothing else the compassion that is shown in these books do reflect human feelings and love. If someone reads these and literally takes them to heart that’s pretty sad and kind of scary. So I will continue to read on in bliss!

      2. elizhunter says:

        Not at all, Jeremy! I’m glad that my books are thought-provoking as well as entertaining. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and are welcome on the site as long as they remain respectful.


  79. Sara says:

    Just finished A Fall of Water and I am still firmly in love. The characters, the voice, the humour, the emotion.

    The best vampire series I have read in a long, long time. It is so nice to see something a little different done with them and the characters are so real and human that you occasionally manage to forget the odd dietary requirements.

    My other half, who is generally not a fan of the fang brigade is just as hooked as I am, high praise indeed. Many many thanks for publishing the series and I look forward to reading more of it.

  80. tance says:

    Hi I have just read all of your books and all of them, even the one that you just posted with the ninth chapter of waterlocked and also Cambio springs, love your writing and I love the line of writing you have, I am very interested in anymore of your books on these types of strange and wonderful mysteries, you really make me happy when you write, I enjoy it thoroughly, great stuff, you are a wonderful writer……………..

  81. Dale Morgan says:

    Absolutely 150% loved all 4 Elemental Mysteries books…the relentless obsession & love these 2 have for each other & their friends & family threaded through non stop mystery w/deeply woven twists & turns surrounded & founded on historical events has posessed me & I am excited to get to read them again…this time to my husband who I know will really get into these as well…we actually began reading book 1 tonight & I also began reading book 1 of the Elemental World series today as well ….much love to you & yours…thx 4 ever 4 sharing =)

  82. Mary says:

    I do not like vampire books. I do NOT like vampire books. I do not LIKE vampire books. I find vampire books cliche and mostly stupid. Have I told you how much I dislike vampire books? πŸ˜€ I ADORE these books!!! Character development, story line….you’ve done it! I have devoured every one of these books on my Kindle and will continue to do so.

    Read Waterlocked free on your site? No, thank you, ma’am. You deserve to be paid for your work (and I’ve gladly paid out for every single one of your titles after reading the first Elemental Mysteries book I found free on Kindle).

    You’ve inspired me to write again…. thank you!

  83. Sandra O'Callaghan says:

    Adored getting to know Gio and B, Carwyn, Brigid, Tenzin… totally believable characters and world they share.I am now bereft! Is there anything after A fall of water please πŸ™‚ Continued success, Sandra.

    1. elizhunter says:

      Well, I’m assuming you’ve read Building From Ashes (since you mentioned Brigid), but have you read my novella, Waterlocked? It’s free here on the website or you can buy it in the bookstores for 2.99. And I’m working on Blood and Sand, the next Elemental World novel right now. Thanks for reading!


  84. Nakeisha says:

    I startes reading these wonderful books on 02-08-13 I have finished the other books and am onto Waterlocked right now. I can’t seem to put them down but in the back of my mind i’m hoping for a book about Ben and Tenzin and yes I can’t wait till Blood and Sand is released!!!!!!!!
    Keep up the great work.

    1. Ursula says:

      Oh I feel the same way. I just read the Bronze Blade. I too want to read about Ben and Tenzin. I love Tenzin’ s character so much. Blood and Sand was a great book!!!

  85. Sara says:

    Have just finished Building from Ashes and I adore Brigid. I can’t wait to see the first proper meeting between her and B, something tells me that they really will get on like a house on fire. Of course, Carwyn and Gio might not enjoy the experience so much. πŸ˜‰

  86. Penny says:

    I have just finished building from the ashes and can’t wait to start on the last book in the series. I hate to think the elemental maybe over, please say there’s more to come. I think I maybe addicted. I think the books would make a fantastic film franchise?!?

  87. kirsty says:

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    Cant wait to read building from ashes πŸ˜€

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  89. Suz Little says:

    Have just finished reading all four books.. They were fantastic!! I feel like I have been so absorbed in the elemental world that I need more!! I would love to see these in a movie although I have no idea how they would do these books justice. Thank u so much for sharing :))

  90. Meghan says:

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  91. Sharon Richardson says:

    I read all four books and loved, loved, loved them all. Your writing style is exquisite, so much depth that I really felt completely immersed in this world. I so look forward to Carwyns story and all that follows. Ni just can’t wrap my head around the end of book four…Did B and Gio die or did I misunderstand?

      1. jackie white says:

        thank goodness!!!! i had the same fear! i adore gio and miss him already!! downloading the elemental world series now and i’m so excited to read all of your books. i am a new and true fan! what a talent!

  92. Amber says:

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  93. C. Brown says:

    Ms. Hunter, I discovered your elemental mysteries by chance, all I can say is WOW I am 45 years old and it was so refreshing to read a story that had a plot with fantastic character development and storytelling. I truly enjoyed the camaraderie and banter between the characters. It was nice to have a story that could incorporate love and romance without being R-rated, I know some may like a little smuck every now and again but, personally I prefer a good book I don’t think it takes a lot of skill to write R-Rated romances, I like to have substance to my books. I have never – ever written a review before but, you’re Elemental Mysteries and now the Elemental Word has just pulled me in.

  94. Patricia Gayadat says:

    When will the elemental series appear on iBook ? I finished the elemental mysteries series and I am hungry for more…..

  95. Nicki W. says:

    I came across Hidden Fire quite by chance but was instantly smitten with the story, so much so that I downloaded the remaining three books in the series before finishing the first! I have loved reading all of these books as you have such a captivating writing style, so I’m thrilled that you are now branching out with another Elemental series as I’m definitely a fan, and am looking forward to your future publications!

  96. jaime says:

    I just got this book on my kindle for free two days ago. My husband couldn’t understand why authors give away the books for free. Well it is 7am on a Sunday morning and I’ve been up since 4am reading and just finished the first book. EXCELLENT. I’ve been looking for a new series for awhile and just couldn’t find anything I really liked. I was immediately hooked. When my husband awoke to find me finishing up the book , he laughed and said now he understands why you give the first one away for free…you now have a customer who will spend a lot of money on your future books. Thank you so much. Now I’m off to Amazon for book 2.

  97. Nic Louise says:

    Dear Elizabeth,

    I just wanted to say how brilliant your books are. You seem to include the right amount of humor, wit, charm and romance without becoming over the top or cheesy!! I downloaded A Hidden Fire on my Kindle for free and much like the lady above, I have now purchased books 2,3 and 4 of the series as I am completely captured. A Hidden Fire kept me entertained on my long rides home from work and I was gutted when I finished it yesterday evening…however, I am now a third of the way through Same Earth!!

    Gio is just fascinating, Beatrice is a woman after my own heart with her stubborn nature and I absolutely adore Carwyn!!

    Thank you so much for writing this incredible series…I’m hooked!!!!!!

  98. lifetide says:

    Hello :O) Just wanted to say how much I am enjoying your Elemental Series. I am almost done third book “The Force of Wind” and am enjoying it too. I have downloaded the books to read on my iPhone but have run into a publishing issue with this book. About 2/3 through the book all of a sudden the chapters split, the pages are blank, and most annoying the chapters repeat themselves in chunks. A few times I can read some of the “blank” sections by changing the background to black and the text then shows up in white, however, this doesn’t always solve the problem and I have missed sections of the story. The repeated section will continue for multiple pages and then repeat, and the repeat could happen 2, 3, or 4 times…making the book (on the iPhone) over 1,600 pages. I am having trouble keeping the flow of the story while I try to deal with this issues. I tried to download the book again, but it won’t let me unless I delete it from my phone…but then I would have to pay for it again to re-download. Not sure if there is a solution to this, and as I have downloaded all 4 books in this series so far this book is the only one with this issue. Not sure if this is an iPhone issue but I’m hoping the last book will be uninterrupted.

      1. lifetide says:

        iTunes store for download to my iPhone. I read the first book that was free, the second book was fine, but this book has serious issues. There is a whole section when she is on the boat, and now later near the end…multiple chapters with pieces either missing or duplicated. Book says I have 37 pages left but that last 15 pgs have been duplicates over and over of one section and now that I have moved past that point I can tell from the story that I missed a large chunk.

      2. elizhunter says:

        That’s really frustrating. 😦 As I’ve never had that complaint before, I have to assume it’s a problem with the iTunes system. Have you tried emailing them?

      3. lifetide says:

        Hi, problem solved. I contacted iTunes customer chat and was advised that I could re-download the purchased book at no charge. She seemed to think it was a low battery or signal issue when I downloaded it the first time. The second time the book is fine… now I’m going back and re-reading sections to catch up on what I might have missed.

    1. Patricia Gayadat says:

      I finished all of the elemental mystery series however the elemental World Series is not yet available on iBooks. I would love to know they will be on iBooks. I love these books and have been telling all my friends. Thank you elizabeth. πŸ˜„

      1. Patricia Gayadat says:

        Thank u. However only Elemental Mysteries series is on iTunes and not Elemental World Series.

      2. Patricia Gayadat says:

        I was so disappointed I couldn’t continue with the series….I just hope it does not take long for it to get on iBooks. Thank you for ur response and if u come across them please let me know. πŸ˜„

      3. elizhunter says:

        YES! Everything IS available at Smashwords. You can buy an epub there and read it on iBooks very easily. LIke I said, I have no idea what the iBooks hold up is. They have been submitted, but have not been approved for some unknown reason.

      4. Dana Fuller says:

        I read all books on Kindle. Used the cloud reader on my pc and had the free kindle app on my android (samsung) phone. No problems at all with those options but I know absolutely nothing about the iphone. lol

    2. elizhunter says:

      I have no idea what the hold up with Apple is, guys. I have emailed my distributor and they are going to contact Apple. Unfortunately, they have three of my books held up in review for some unknown reason. They will be available as soon as iBooks clears them.

      1. Patricia Gayadat says:

        I purchased Building from Ashes from smash words and I was able to download it in iBooks. I am loving it so far……

  99. lifetide says:

    I can try, but it has something to do with the formatting for how it appears on the iPhone. I will try emailing them, but not sure what can be done at this point. 😦 I’m missing more of the story and it’s frustrating.

  100. Mary Anne says:

    Hey!! I just wanted to say I love your books! Finished the Elemental Mysteries and Building from Ashes a long time ago and just read Shifting Dreams!!! Love it!!! Also looking forward to Blood and Sand!! but I do wanna know when Tenzin’s series is gonna come!! The wait is killing me!! Please relieve me of my misery and write the Tenzin series!! Plzz!!!

  101. Kate says:

    Came across ‘Building from Ashes’ on an Amazon e-book deal-of-the-day page for free, so I “bought” it. After realizing it was part of a series, I looked up ‘Hidden Fire’. I honestly thought the whole premise sounded kind of corny and overdone, but it was cheap so I bought it anyway. And so glad I did! Read the whole series in less than a week! I’m honestly dumbfounded that series like Twilight & 50 Shades have found such popularity and this series hasn’t! Both Twilight & 50 shades were annoyingly addictive, but the writing in both was pretty atrocious. This series has that same can’t-put-it-down, read-it-all-night quality but with actual good writing – very refreshing! Thank you Elizabeth Hunter for reviving my passion for reading!!

  102. Traci Grunwald says:

    I love this series! Will there be a book 5 in the ‘Elemental Mysteries’ Series. I love Beatrice and Gio!!

  103. JackieV says:

    Elizabeth, I have read all four books 3 times because I’m not ready to say goodbye to Gio and Beatrice. You wrote four amazing books with wonderful character development and I couldn’t put them down – even on the third read.

    I also loved the book about Carwyn and Bridget and Terry and Gemma. it was nice to get some more history on all those characters.

    I am looking forward to finding out more about Baojia as well.

    Perhaps as part of someone elses story may give us some more Gio and Beatrice as well, I loved the little taste in Building From Ashes.

  104. C. Brown says:

    Blood and Sand WOW you did it again, It is a bitter sweet for me when I get one of your new books, I have a great read but, then when it’s over what to do? You have ruined me. I love, love, love all of your books. I need more reads, I hope there are more to come C.Brown

  105. Allyson says:

    I know magic takes a while to grow roots an the quality of character development is a process but I can’t wait for the next elemental book’ could you please write faster! I love the way you wrap the characters together and I can’t wait to fine out about Natalie and the child and whether she turns!

  106. gilmourgirl1 says:

    I recently finished reading Blood and Sand. As with all the books in the Elemental series, I was not disappointed. I was especially pleased to have all the main characters in play. Their banter and commeraderie makes you feel at home with these characters. I am so looking forward to more installments.

    Since finishing Blood and Sand, the only book I had not yet read was The Genius and the Muse. Wow, didn’t I just fall in love with this book! The emotional rollercoaster was a thrilling ride. And as with most great rides, I didn’t want it to end. Your writing has truly made you one of my all time favorites. I will continue to avidly devour whatever comes next. All I ask is that you make it soon!

    Thanks so much for the worlds and amazingly relatable and lovable characters you create.

  107. mrslbrown531@gmail.com says:

    I am in love with these books. The character areaamazing. The humor, love, and family bonds in these books kept me reading. Even themore steamy novels was great! This last book was awesome to me because it brought back some of the original characters. I loved that carwyn found love in this book he needed a fire.vampire to keep him on his toes. I just love love love your writing style. When Gio was professing his love to B in the plane I was on edge like it was me he was talking to. It is not everyday that a writer can make you feel the passion and emotion like I feel when I read your books. Thank you so much for writing these characters into existence and bringing these stories to life.

  108. lyza pauni says:

    I have read and loved all of the elemental mysteries books, but I am dying to know if there was anything blooming between Ben and Tenzen? I keep looking for anything but found nothing. I would be so happy if there was more πŸ™‚ I love their characters! I just NEED to know lol.

  109. Donna says:

    Hi Elizabeth! I was wondering what happened to Kato? Did Giovanni kept his promise? Was Kato healed? Did Ben ever need to share his blood assuming Gio turned him? I keep asking myself this question but only you can answer them. Thanks!

  110. Heather Findlater says:

    I’ve just finished blood and sand. When is the next book in this series coming out. I love all the characters and am going to miss them terribly. Elizabeth Hunter you are awesome xxxx

  111. John PrichardJohn Prichard says:

    After reading the Genius and the Muse, the next day I read all 6 1/2 Elemental (world) series in order, back -to-back with a few hours in between each one. I did sleep, some, and eat, but no TV. I’m retired so I can do that.

    Why? Because I was mesmerized by this world and the characters you have created. A very smart and creative series, that I deliciously gobbled … even though I knew, I should stretch the experience out so that I wouldn’t mourn this circle of friends when they were gone.

    Now, I am a little sad but look forward to reading your new Cambio Springs series.

    Here’s to hoping that there are Elemental Mysteries left in you to tell that can help to rout the dreaded Elixir and reacquaint me with these special people … including whether Natalie does or doesn’t.

    Thanks, Elizabeth Hunter, for a spectacular couple of weeks.

  112. Anita says:

    I just finished Blood and Sand and so disappointed I don’t have another one to consume. I tore through the Elemental Mysteries then on to Elemental World so quickly, enjoying each one more than the previous, that I’m sad to have reached the end. For now at least. Thank you for the amazing stories and characters, please keep them coming.

    1. Sarah says:

      I’m in the same boat – I found the first book last weekend, and have now purchased and read all the elemental world and elemental mysteries books. I need another fix!

  113. karenjvjohnson says:

    I found your book in the Elemental Mysteries series by accident and after reading the first I finished the series within a week. I had been waiting for more and was so glad to see that Elemental World was going to be around to continue my time with everyone. I just finished Building from Ashes and am making myself wait before moving to the next.

    The characters have become so real, which is a testament to your writing, and I love them all. I look forward to many more hours of immersing myself in these stories.

  114. Susan says:

    Love the Elemental Mysteries/World series! Difficult to put down once I start reading.Just finished Blood and Sand and look forward to reading more of your books.

  115. Carolyn says:

    I’ve just finished Blood & Sand, astounded! You are an amazing writer. I loved the Elementary Mysteries so much I wasn’t sure Elemental World could live up – how wrong was I?? I hope there’s more to come, I’d miss all the characters you’ve made me love.

  116. Gray Boy says:

    I fell in love with the first series Elemental Mysteries and just finish Blood and Sand in the second series. I think it will be as good as the first one and I cant wait for the next book Please write fast!!!!

  117. Alice says:

    I just finished Carwyn’s story and I loved it! I think he needs another story….that would be awesome. I also think ur series Hidden fire beats True blood series.

  118. Michelle says:

    Just finished Blood and Sand… another AWESOME book!! I just can’t get enough of this series, I love every single character! I’m hooked πŸ™‚

  119. Dana Fuller says:

    I could not stop reading Blood and Sand. It is bittersweet for me because as much as I love the characters and the stories, I now have no more to read. I sure hope you have more stories. There are so many aspects you can indulge us with it is amazing. Your so tantalizing in your writing. You wrapped me into the story and never let me go! That is what makes an outstanding author. Your awesome!!

  120. Michele Mingo says:

    Hello Ms. Hunter,

    I love the Elemental Series and just finished Blood and Sand. It’s great that you was able to keep the other H/h involved with continuation of the series. I am impatiently waiting for the next book to come out. I was wondering if you decided how many more books will you write for the series? I hope a lot more. πŸ™‚

    1. elizhunter says:

      There’s no set number in my mind, Michele. I’ll be honest, this series and world are very organic and, while I do have some books definitely planned, I want to write in the Elemental World for as long as it’s fun and there are stories to tell.

      Thanks for your question!

      1. Katie says:

        Yay!!!! Absolutely LOVED this entire series and everything about them, I am obsessed…”patiently” awaiting more πŸ™‚ Adored every single character, fell in love each time they did! Fantastic series!!!

  121. Anon says:

    Haven’t read Blood and Sand yet, but after that ending bit between Ben and Tenzin in A Fall of Water, I’m REALLY hoping they get a story. I think I know how it’d end up.

  122. stacie says:

    I definately feel as though these could make incredible movies! Has that ever crossed your mind? I would love to see more. Awesome. Fell in love with them all.

      1. stacie says:

        That is a shame because it would put Twilight to Shame. πŸ˜‰ I can’t wait til the next set with Tenzin and Ben. You are an incredible writer.

  123. Lynne Grech Artist says:

    Family gave me a kindle for my birthday and your series of books are the first I have read on it. Totally hooked….as a visual artist it what easy for me to use my imagination to enter your world. In my head they all played out like film’s. IF Hollywood arnt interested you should look to the British Film Industry…after we do have some of the best actors and Gio just has to be shared!


    Lynne from England

  124. janetfl says:

    I never normally read paranormal books but downloaded the first in this series because it was free. Thank goodness I did. I bought the whole series the same night. I couldn’t put it down, in fact I lost about two days worth sleep. I adore the relationship between Gio and B but I’m in awe of your talent. There aren’t many authors who can pull off different genres but you seem to do it with ease. I’ve just finished reading the genius and the muse. Loved that just as much as the elemental series. I can’t wait to read whatever you produce next. Thank you for sharing your amazing talent with us. Jan

  125. Rossana Malaver says:

    English is my second language and I recently started reading american novels as an exercise for my vocabulary. I’m glad I chose your books as my starting point.

    I already read the books twice!!! I absolutely loved them! I’m fascinated by the relationship between Ben and Tenzin; but my favorite character is Carwyn.

    I was telling my husband about the story and the characters and while I was describing Gio, I was smiling and a small sight escaped my lips of course. Then he had the same reaction towards Gio than Baojia had on Blood and Sand: “F…ing Italian.”

    It was sooooo funny…

    Mrs. Hunter, you are my favorite author in the whole wide wolrd!!

    Rossana M.

  126. meghan says:

    Will there be anymore books after blood and sand? So disappointed I’ve blown through them all, i love them so much. I’m dying to know if there will be a cure for what ails them!

  127. Di says:

    Many thanks, as someone with limited sight your ebooks have been a life line for me. I have now read all seven books and await the next one.

  128. Karen says:

    I’ve just finished listening to your series on audible (really wonderful series) and like the rest, i’d love to hear tenzin and ben’s story but how about Deirdre and Gavin? It sounded like there’s a story there too. Will they get their own?

  129. kdj1972 says:

    I just finished listening to the whole series (enjoyed listening to them just as much as i enjoyed reading them :)) And like the rest, i’m looking forward to reading/listening about Tenzin and Ben’s story. But how about Deirdre and Gavin? It sounded like there was something going on there. Will they get their own story?

  130. Emiliea Mahariel says:

    I am half way through book #4, and I just wanted to tell you how much I absolutely LOVE these books! I think I read the first 2 in 3 days or less, they’re just that good! You’re a fantastic author and these books now hold a special place in my heart πŸ™‚ Thank you!

  131. Ethan Leeds says:

    Well I guess I’m far from the target market being male and nearly 50 and possibly if I’d seen the cover I wouldn’t have gone for it, but since the first book was free I downloaded it with little intention of paying for the follow up books. I’ve just finished the 4th book by the end of the 4th day. What a wonderful world you have created with well developed and complex characters and a strong plot.Nice to see unlike so many other vampire stories the girl (B) wasn’t overly squeamish about the sometimes brutal aspects of the book although even I suddenly wasn’t sure about whether Lorenzo really deserved to die after wanting his death for so much of the story. On a technical point you related the elements to the body as in water being the most obvious but for fire you used heat, I think it would be a stronger link to use electricity, since we are electrical beings and electricity in nature (lightning) is used to create fire. Ok well covers of other books are putting me off being very girly and young but if the stories are like this one I can’t afford to miss them, so I guess I’m going to have to ignore the implication of the pictures on the basis of knowing that we have a great story teller.

  132. Christine Megos says:

    I read all 4 Elemeltal Mysteries and fell in live with Giovanni and Beatrice. Then read Building From Ashes. Enjoyed it but not as much as reading about Gio and B. they were so compelling. Hoping someday that their story continues and includes their extended family, Carey’s and Brigid, etc.

  133. Andrea says:

    Thank you for writing. You are truly gifted. You have brought back my love of reading with all your books. I once again feel called to the books and feel your words encircle my life so when I look up after hours of reading I wonder if one of the character will walk in my living room! I feel blessed to have found this series. I get that the series is about vampires (duh!) but the storylines are about people and life and love and that alone is what draws me in. Continue to write and to bring awe to your readers! I will buy anything you write.

  134. Shoni Wynter says:

    Thank you for writing these books! You have made me fall in love with reading again. I can’t seem to put these books down, until I have finished reading them all. You have done an excellent job!

  135. Kristen says:

    I feel like I’m in mourning after finishing A Fall of Water yesterday. I just loved everything about the books, and the evolution of the relationship between Beatrice and Giovanni. I’m looking forward to starting the Elemental World series, but I also NEED more Gio and Beatrice! Any chance we will be seeing more from them?

    1. elizhunter says:

      Gio and B show up as supporting characters in the Elemental World books, but I don’t foresee them as main characters in another novel anytime soon, Kristen. I’d have to do something mean to them to create drama. So… I’d rather leave them in a happy place. πŸ™‚

      1. Kristen says:

        Well I will be equally happy to see little bits of them in the Elemental World books, as I’m sure I will love those just as much. Of course I could probably read an entire book on the everyday lives of Gio and B and still love it, although that much Gio might not be good for my marriage. I mean really, who can compete with Giovanni?! Kidding…kind of.

      2. Katie says:

        Haha, I agree Kristen! These series were the best writing books since HP in my opinion. Absolutely fell in love with every single character and was VERY happy to see everyone again throughout the Elemental World Series, they are just as good and carry on with the story. Enjoy!

  136. Melissa Pflugradt says:

    I just finished A Hidden Fire (I think in less than 24hrs..I just could not put it down). I love Beatrice & Gio’s relationship. (Gio..wow..yeah..I agree with Kristen on Gio..haha) Can’t wait to read the other 3. It’s been a while since I found a series that I’ve been really excited for!! πŸ™‚

    1. Andrea says:

      I know right! Especially the part about waking up and him not being there! I remember how when they were apart she said she would call out to him and want him next to her!

  137. Michele Rist says:

    I have read books 1,2,and 3 in Elemental Series and my daughter has today sent me. A Fall of Water. I cannot wait to read it. I have read many books and series also by another author similar, but have to say this set is wonderful so well written. Not enjoyed three and hopefully four books so much since HP. Well done, please keep writing.

    1. Jakina49 (aka: Jane Allyn) says:

      to be honest (and kinda blunt) Michele, I don’t believe there IS a similar author, none like Elizabeth Hunter ~ her approach is unique and very special … not like ANY other ‘vampire’-type series I’ve seen or read … some of them are just hokey – her books are unique and special in her own way …
      and again – this is just my opinion … and she herself may even disagree! XO’s πŸ˜‰

  138. helen bland says:

    Never thought I would ever enjoy books that had vampires in them. Once I’d read the first book I was hooked, read them all and just finished Blood and Sand. I could not wait to read each one and just want them to go on and on they gripped me like no other books. Hope you continue to write more (no pressure there) so many questions does Natalie eventually turn? do they find a cure? I could go on. My husband is getting some sleep now as i was so addicted and read day and night. More of these fantastic stories please xxxxx

  139. Suzanne Briggs says:

    Oh… just finished the four “elemental mysteries” books. Well done! Like so many other readers, I really thought I would never read another book about vampires. Most of what’s new is just drek. But you! Wow! What characters! What world-building! When do we get more about Ben and Tenzin?????

  140. Libby Poland says:

    I bought the first book a week ago and have now read them all. I just couldn’t put them down! Please tell me there will be more….there’s so much more story to tell!!!

  141. Kari b says:

    Just finished the 4th book. Am sad is over yet satisfied with the story. Would love to see it as a movie series, with Rachel Weisz as Beatrice and Olivier Martinez as Gio.

  142. Elyse E says:

    Just found these books and LOVE them. Such fun and interesting reads!! Being from Houston, I love the Houston and Texas connections. The only critique is that there isn’t a Houston University, it is University of Houston. I got caught up on that everytime I read it.

    1. elizhunter says:

      I actually went to UH! But when I first started writing, I didn’t know whether I had to have any kind of official permission to use the name of the University. So, I very slightly altered it. Since they’ve had me back to speak to creative writing students since then, I think they didn’t mind. πŸ˜‰

  143. Pauline Bringhurst says:

    This is my favorite series. I’ve read each book three times. I would love a book about Ben. Is there one in the future?

  144. jayne healy says:

    Love the series I have continually bought the next in the series as I needed to know what happens next. I bought seven in a row to the annoyance of my husband. A must read for anyone looking for excellent penmanship, plots and vampires.

  145. Mara says:

    I just want to say THANK YOU for allowing me to escape to this beautifully written world that you have created! I am an avid reader and this series is at the top of my all time faves! I have read the first four books, and will read any future releases.

  146. Raushanna says:

    I am sooooo hooked on this series; each book gets better and better. Any more info on timing or content for the next Elemental Mysteries novel? Please tell me there will be a next one!

  147. Jenni Johnston says:

    Hello Elizabeth, I discovered your Elemental Mysteries on Kindle last month, and have to say that for the first time ever I read the entire series in a week, and re-read them immediately. There are not many authors whose books I have read more than once – Tolkein, Austen, Lewis, Dickens spring to mind – and these are the first books in a long time that I literally have not been able to put down. Then I purchased the series in hard copy for Christmas presents. Unfortunately I now seem to have read all that you have published, so I wish you a long and inspired career, and look foward to whatever comes next. (Especially anything which includes a mention of my favourite character, Giovanni Vecchio) πŸ™‚ Kind regards, Jenni

    1. elizhunter says:

      Wow! Thank you, Jenny. So you’ve read all the Elemental World books too? I also have two other series, The Irin Chronicles and Cambio Springs. You might enjoy those, as well. Thanks for the lovely note!

  148. Lynette says:

    I loved the Elemental Mysteries Series. I started the 1st book on Sunday 9/21/14, today is Thursday 9/25/14 and I have read all 4 books (have not had much sleep but it was worth it). I have been thinking to myself do not start the Elemental Worlds Series today you should clean house after work, make dinner, get some sleep but that did not work, I ordered book 1 and will be up all night until it is done. Thank you for these wonderful books!

  149. Ronda says:

    Can’t wait till the rest of the books come out. Totally love this series very much. Have them on I pad to read with kindle app and audiobook to listen to when driving. Just love the whole series.

  150. nakeisha says:

    Hi Elizabeth
    I am wondering when the next book will be out ? I have read all of them and cant wait until the next one comes out.

  151. Kari Mosley says:

    I love all the books – but I really love the Blood and sand – Nat & “George” are almost as entertaining as Gio and B – I would love for a full series to come out with them
    i could not put the book down!!!!

  152. Jackie Bowen says:

    I have read many, many books about vampires but none have been on the level yours have. I just finished the fourth one and have written down the names of the books you listed on the last page. The charactrers are so real you just want to jump in and help when they are in trouble. Is Ben going to show up in the next series? I can’t wait to get more of your books. keep up the good work.

  153. Lifesart says:

    Okay, you have completely blown my book budget out of the water this month – I just bought everything available on Amazon at LIST price! I never do that. I have been buying books since 1968 and when Amazon started selling used books, I confess I had to buy them, because money. But I am so hooked on the Elemental world that I could not resist. Please don’t tell my husband! And please keep up the wonderful writing, the fascinating characters and the total joy!

  154. Ivy says:

    I just finished book four of the Elemental Mysteries, and I’m so sad it’s over! I was really hoping there would be a fifth book, on aether. This series was so much better than I anticipated when I came across book 1! I’ve been crying for the last hour as I finished reading. You’ve done a marvelous job of creating characters we care about, a world we can believe in, and a story that works out minds and effects our hearts. I’m off now to get started on your other Elemental World books!

    1. elizhunter says:

      Wow! Thank you, Ivy! I hope you enjoy the other books in the Elemental World. Gio and Beatrice do show up in a Christmas novella, as well. It’s in the All the Stars Look Down duology. All the best, Elizabeth

  155. Sharon Miller says:

    I am trying to decide which I like better, the elemental series or the Iron. I am an avid reader, tv just doesn’t work for me, and I never read a book twice…..I have a funny that is going to change…lol. Absolutely love your writing!!!

    1. Desi says:

      Hey me too, I never read a book twice, just read first page and I remember the book. I really enjoy these books also. Elizabeth has one heck of a imagination. Glad I found her books.

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