“It’s normal to feel that, you know.”

Tenzin and Beatrice were sparring on the edge of a clearing as one of Gustavo’s men looked on.  A human, one of the guides that worked in the valley during the summer months, sat at his feet.  While Beatrice had very good control around humans most of the time, Tenzin had emphasized the importance of learning how to fight while the distraction was nearby.  Considering Lorenzo had used the scent of human blood to pin her and kill her father, Beatrice was quick to agree to the practice, no matter how much her throat burned.

“Feel what?”

“That void from Stephen’s loss.  It will fade with time, but there will always be a trace.  You were sired from his blood, it would be unnatural for you not to feel the lack of him.”

They moved in a dancing fight, Beatrice’s style having developed into something uniquely her own in the year since she had turned.  It was a melding of the martial arts that she had practiced as a human, Gemma’s vicious street-fighting, and Tenzin’s flowing, but lethal, ballet.  Though Tenzin was still faster, Beatrice was more than able to keep up.

“Do you still feel it?”  Tenzin cut her eyes toward Beatrice before she punched out in a swift uppercut.  “Sorry,” Beatrice muttered through her fractured jaw.  “Stupid question.”

“Have you talked to Giovanni about it?”


Tenzin smacked the back of her head.  “Are you stupid, girl?  Do you forget that he lost his father, too?”

“Oh, well…” Beatrice had no idea how much Tenzin knew about Andros’s death, but she wasn’t going to say.  Giovanni had told her that no one could ever know that he had a hand in the death of his sire.  She would not reveal his secrets, not even to Tenzin.

“And however that came about—” Tenzin looked down at the ground. “And I have always had my suspicions—your husband understands the loss you feel.  He has felt it himself.  If you need to talk to someone, he’s the one vampire here that would understand.  If you haven’t talked to him about it, you’re stupid.”

Beatrice held a hand up and paused.  “Are you coming back with us to L.A.?”

Tenzin frowned.  “I suppose I am.  Why?”

“Because apparently, I need you to tell me when I’m being stupid.”

4 thoughts on “November 2011

  1. csmagura says:

    Elizabeth! Every teaser you give us just enhances our hunger for the book! REALLY looking forward to the continuation of Gio and B’s story.

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