1. Where did you get the inspiration for The Elemental Mysteries?

This is a really common question with no clear answer except my overactive imagination. In a more general sense, I usually start with characters first. That is, characters come to my fevered brain, and the plots to my books usually follow that, not the other way round. So, I guess you could say that the Elemental Mysteries are inspired by the character of Giovanni Vecchio.

2. How many books will there be in the series?

Even though Giovanni and Beatrice’s story arc is finished, this is a universe where I will continue writing. Gio and B have already shown up in both Elemental World novels, Building from Ashes and Blood and Sand. I have books planned for other characters, as well as a future series roughly planned that will feature Ben and Tenzin as main characters. Please check out the rough calendar on the FUTURE PROJECTS page.

3. Where do I get my own fire-wielding vampire?

You can find them, but they sell out fast. Try Target or (surprisingly) Walgreens on Tuesday nights. Amazon doesn’t carry the actual vampires. Just my books. They told me it was a shipping cost thing.

4. Enough about the other characters WILL TENZIN GET HER OWN BOOK??? (And what’s going on with her and Ben?)

This should probably be the first question listed, right? Everyone wants to know about Tenzin. Tenzin shows up all over the place, and despite what some reviews on Amazon or Goodreads say, The Bronze Blade is not the end of her story. That’s her origin story. She has others to tell. She’ll show up occasionally in other books until her series starts. She’s a recurring character. And she’s a wind-vampire, so she can travel really fast. Everyone loves Tenzin. Except the people that really, really hate her. But most of them are fictional.

And I’m not going to tell you about her relationship with Ben. They’re close. It’s complicated. You’ll just have to wait and see.

5. How do you pronounce Baojia?

This might be the second most common question. (Note to self: Name everyone George from now on. Just kidding.) I know it’s an obscure name, but I love it and it has meaning that is important for the character. I’ll explain it the best I can. “Bao” sounds like “bow” (That’s the bow of a ship, not the bow on a present. Got it?) And think of the way you say “j” in Beijing. It’s pretty close. So, Baojia’s name sounds like “Bow-jeeah.” That’s the best this non-Mandarin scholar can do, folks. I wish I had a good recording of it. Sorry.

6. Will there be any follow up novellas or books for prior characters like Carwyn/Brigid or Baojia/Natalie?

Probably not books. Maybe novellas or short stories, if I feel like there’s a plot thread I want to resolve independent of other stories. And remember, those characters will probably show up in other books, because the universe overlaps a lot.

7. How did Natalie get pregnant if vampires can’t father children in the Elemental universe???

Duuuuuude, stop asking me that. Give Baojia and Natalie some privacy, all right? Use your imagination. But no, that’s not going to change. Vampires can’t get humans pregnant in my world because I find vampire babies creepy. Just a personal thing.

8. Have you been to all the places you write about?

I wish! I have been to a lot of them, but not all. I was in China over the summer, but there are still a lot of places to go. I love travel. It’s one of the best writing inspirations, in my opinion, and definitely a perk of being able to work from anywhere. My son and I have a list of about thirteen places we want to travel to. (I got to pick three.) So our summers will be busy for a while.

9. When is your next book going to be released?

I usually give readers a season and a year, but not an exact date because a) usually I’m still writing the next book and b) I have to allow time for stuff like revisions and editing and (shudder) the possibility that I just get STUCK. Which doesn’t often happen because I’m pretty disciplined about planning everything out before I start writing, but it is a possibility. So I just give conservative estimates.

10. Is there going to be an Elemental Mysteries movie?

As of right now, I’m not aware of any film studios interested in the Elemental Mysteries/Elemental World books. To be honest, my books would be pretty special effects heavy, so it would be a huge project that would be kind of daunting to take on. But who knows? Crazier things have happened. Like… the platypus.

11. Will you come to a signing in my city, please???

I’d love to! But you know, I have this awesome little kid and while lots of authors can do signings, I’m the only one who can be his mom. So if it’s between soccer practice and a book signing, soccer usually wins. I try to do as much as possible, but I’m not an author you’re going to see at all the cons or indie signing events. I try to go to RT every year, though. And that’s a really good reader-focused con.

12. I hate e-readers, why can’t I get your paperbacks at my bookstore?

Sorry you’re not an e-reader fan. I do my paperback publishing through Createspace which is a print-on-demand outfit, and I’m pretty happy with them. Though my books may not be on the shelves of your local bookstore, they should be available for order if you ask your bookseller to look. Createspace distributes through Ingram’s distribution, which is very widely used.  They can be printed and shipped through the U.S., Canada, and Europe. All my paperbacks are also available for order at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

13. Why don’t you sell signed copies of your books on your website?

Honestly? I’m pretty busy. I don’t have an assistant or anything, so signed books are probably  not going to happen anytime soon. But you can bring any books (or your kindle, or a postcard, or napkin… you know, anything not attached to your body) to any event I’m at, and I’ll probably sign it.

14. Why do you have so many other series? Why can’t you just write in the Elemental World?

This is a great question. Two things are at play here. The first is that, as a creative-type person, spending all my energy only writing in one fictional universe would get tiring after a while. And, well, kinda boring. I spent about two years writing nothing but Elemental books. By the time I started writing in the Cambio Springs series, I was ready for a new scene. A new challenge. A different format. That keeps me fresh and makes future Elemental books better. The last thing I want is for this fictional universe that I love so much to become stale or formulaic.

The second thing at play is sometimes, I just get sideswiped by an idea that won’t leave me alone. Case in point, the Irin Chronicles. I was supposed to be working on the second Cambio Springs book when the idea for The Scribe hit me over the head. And… that was it. I couldn’t think of anything else. It’s pretty useless to try to write something when another thing is totally occupying your brain. That’s just a recipe for disaster.

So, I have three ongoing series. Does this mean you’ll have to wait longer for books? Yes. Does this mean the books I put out will be better, more interesting, fresher? I hope so! Does this mean that as much as you love the Elemental series, you may love Cambio Springs or the Irin Chronicles just as much? You’ll have to decide for yourself on that one. (My vote is yes.)

15. Do you object to fan fiction of your work?

Nope. Not only would that would be grossly hypocritical of me (because I used to write it! *lets my geek flag fly*), I’d actually be very flattered if someone cared enough about my characters to create their own stories featuring them. I’m not going to read it (let’s face it, that could be a little weird) but I don’t object to that at all. Don’t post fan fiction on the website here or try to publish it as your own work. That’s about it.

16. No really, will there be any movies made of the Elemental Mysteries or Elemental World books? How about TV?

I promise, I’m not holding out on you. I really don’t think so.

17. How do I get in contact with you for rights or publicity opportunities?

Depending on what the publicity opportunity is, you can email me directly at ElizabethHunterWrites@gmail.com or you can contact my agent. For any rights inquiries, please contact my agent, Jane Dystel, at Dystel and Goderich Literary Management. They handle all my subsidiary rights.

Dystel & Goderich Literary Management
1 Union Square West, Suite 904
New York, NY 10003
P: 212-627-9100
F: 212-627-9313

31 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. annettedavis says:

    Hey Elizabeth

    Can I just say that $16 for a paperback is cheap in Australia. The cost of books over here is ridiculous. Hardbacks are around $40-$50 and paperbacks around $20. This is why I love my kindle so much because in comparison the books are so cheap.


    1. E Hunter says:

      Holy smokes! I can’t even imagine. I’d love my e-reader, too! (Well, I love mine anyway, but that’s really surprising.) I had no idea that it was so costly in Australia. I’d be curious to know what average costs are elsewhere around the globe.


      1. ekaisi54 says:

        i use to belong to a book club and not too much different in pricing maybe by 10.00 cheaper in us depending on the book and i love my kindle ereader too talk about the differnce in price oh boy what a difference 1 book i had i transfered a new ebook version of it cost me about 30.00 but ebook version was 7.99 the highest i ever paid

  2. Amy Eye says:

    I will say, I read quite a bit, and I don’t see any similarities in your books to any others out there. Well, they do include some incredibly awesome characters, which I do find in other stories. Oh – and there are guys AND girls in it. OH – and it’s on Earth, too…I should have KNOWN it was fanfic! LOL

    I still love getting your paperbacks, so I’m pushing you to do the signed copies!! I would really like to see one of those on my shelves with your other books!! 🙂

    i ❤ you, lady!!

  3. Danaye Shiplett says:

    I have to say that I would write fan fiction on your stories in a heartbeat! I picked them up and read the entire set in a week!!! I am completely in love with Beatrice and Giovanni and the entire crew. You write beautifully and I was heartbroken to reach the end. I can’t wait to read more!

  4. dshiplett says:

    I have to say that I would write fan fiction on your stories in a heartbeat! I picked them up and read the entire set in a week!!! I am completely in love with Beatrice and Giovanni and the entire crew. You write beautifully and I was heartbroken to reach the end. I can’t wait to read more!

  5. jenn says:

    I loved your stories. Each one left me wanting to hear more. I’m so excited for the next (even if it may be awhile) your stories are worth the wait. Thank you for the wonderful stories!!!

  6. Nicole says:

    Hi, Just wanted to say that a while ago I downloaded some free books on my kindle, yours being one of them. After reading the prologue, I put it down and started on another book. After finishing that one and being left with having nothing to read, I resigned to start reading “A HIdden Fire” again and am I glad I did! I have loved reading this series and I really enjoy all the characters you create. I like that you have a nice balance of humour along with action and romance, and that you don’t go overboard with the more passionate scenes (I have read a series I used to think was great but as time went on it was more focused about the sex than anything else). Anyway, i’m probably rambling, but I just wanted to say that I haven’t read anything this good in a long time and I think you’re very clever in the way that you write.I also like that Gio and Beatrice get mad and have arguments.

  7. DST says:

    It drives me crazy when I don’t know how to pronounce something properly so please tell me . . . how exactly DO you pronounce Baojia???

  8. terrycw says:

    Just love all your work – I’ve read it ALL! lol Got the first as a freebie on Kindle and bought the rest! This Xmas my sister said “you always pick me a good book, I need somethign to read” so I got her the entire Elemental World series! She loves them!!! Thank you so much for helping me to enjoy fiction again!!!

  9. Bonnie Halperin says:

    Thank you for the updates on the questions your fans posted. I know you are not only busy writing and taking care of your son, who has the time for anything else, lol! This series is fantastic and brings the readers into a world that is very realistic, (I know it’s fiction) but the people in these stories have such heart and soul and are just amazing! I know you don’t have lots of time but speaking for your fans we will love it if you post another story on here for us, I was so excited every Monday and couldn’t wait to read the next chapter. I am posting reviews on your series, I hope I can explain them so people can see how different and special this series is! All my best to you and your son, happy writing!!

  10. sharonchalk says:

    I just want to let you know that I found you by accident with the Waterlogged series and was sucked right in,so I went to Amazon.com and got your other Elemental series and loved it and the reason I wanted to tell you this is because I love my books,specially if they are paranormal to have some steam and your books are very light on the steam,which usually means that I would finish that book,but probably would not order any more,because the erotica books are too much smutty men porn,which is why I like the steam in my romances cause its written with the romance in it and has a storyline included,however the first book I ordered from you while I was reading waterlogged kept my attention so well and was so well written that I went ahead and ordered another book which because your books are a lot tamer is a big compliment even if it may not sound like it,it is a very good compliment that I am willing to spend money on a book that I know in advance is not going to be that steamy,heck I thought waterlogged was tame and I read it for free but I still went ahead and ordered the book when it went online anyway even with having read it and knowing it was tame,so thats a big kudo’s to your writing talent from me,I even put a 5 star review on amazom,so keep on writing because I now join your other fans in saying I love your books!!!!

  11. Karen says:

    I got your book “A Hidden Fire” for free on Amazon along with several other books. I liked the title and figured I’d get to it when I had time. When I read that first book, I was hooked and read the rest over the next week. I love these characters and the way the interact with each other. I especially love the interesting take on the vampire myth. I will be reading every thing that comes my way because I want to know what happens to them and how they arrived where they are. Thank you for giving me a series to look forward to.

  12. Angela Flannery says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed the Elemental Mysteries books- read them in 3 days 🙂 Just bought Carwyn’s & Gemma’s stories. While I realize a lot or readers are clamoring for Tenzin & Ben’s story- doesn’t he need to mature more? Plus, I think Gavin & Deirdre have a dynamic that bears looking into. *grin* Can’t wait for Blood & Sand!

    1. elizhunter says:

      That’s exactly it, Angela! He’s still kind of a kid in my mind, so their story is going to take a while. And thanks for your thoughts about Gavin and Deirdre! Two of my favorite characters, for sure. 🙂

  13. Sue Padgett says:

    Thank you for writing and sharing your fabulous series of Elemental Mysteries. I was lucky enough to discover the books by following a friend on Good Reads! I was hooked from page one of A Hidden Fire and holed up at home and read the other 3 books over the weekend. Wonderful storyline, great characters and just so entertaining. I laughed and cried (sobbed more like it) as Beatrice and Giovanni found their way in the story and again thank you for bringing them to life.

  14. Tanya Fallis says:

    Elizabeth, thank you so very much for the blood, sweat and tears that I am sure went into Elemental Mysteries. 😉 I am now your biggest fan! lol I’ve read and re-read and will continue to do so! Your dialogue style in this series is brilliant. No joke intended, but all of the books had such great BALANCE. There is absolutely no way I could pick a favorite out of the series. I have passed along your masterpieces to many in my FB book group and definitely created more fans. I know you are limited with signings but perhaps I will get to lug in my set for you to sign someday. 😉 It seems all my favorite books are becoming movies these days…perhaps we’ll get lucky with Hidden Fire, as well!. I’m pulling for ya! Again, so grateful for the pleasure from such intelligent and entertaining reads! Now….get back to work! lol 😉

  15. Anna says:

    I love reading!! Your books really transported me into their lives! I love Gio and Beatrice! Such a beautiful couple and I love that Beatrice is no pushover!
    You truly are a talented writer and your words just flowed off the pages. I look forward to reading more of your books and really really hope that this series gets a movie deal. Thank you for your beautiful books, keep them coming.

  16. Laura says:

    Hi Elizabeth, I LOVE your books! I just finished Building From Ashes, and read the whole B and Gio series. I was wondering if there would be more from the four of them? There was a mention, in Building From Ashes, of Brigid meeting B and Gio, as well as talk about the proliferation of the elixer that I would love to see explored further. I just ordered Waterlocked and am looking forward to getting into this book too, but I miss these guys already, and I just put the e-reader down! Thank you for the wonderful stories. Keep them coming!

    1. elizhunter says:

      I didn’t answer this! Sorry! I think Gio and B and Carwyn and Brigid will appear together fictionally again. Though maybe not in a book just about the four of them, if that makes sense.

  17. Kimberly says:

    Hi Elizabeth,

    I have read ALL of the Elemental Mysteries Books and The Elemental World Books as well, but I have to admit Gio and B’s series are my all time favorite. I have re-read them a few times with several tissues, and they just keep getting better. 🙂

    I have passed on your books to several friends and have recently gotten into a “dumb” debate over the translation of “Tesoro”. Each of us has been through many online translations, i.e. google, etc. And everyone has their own translation. “Tesoro mio”, “my darling” or “sweetheart”. or “Tesoro” is “treasure”, or can be a term of endearment as well like “Honey”. Please help clear up this STUPID argument amongst several avid book readers.

    Please keep up the series, I would love to hear more about the “Elixir” and a possible romance between Deirdre and Gavin? I am patiently waiting on Tenzin and Ben, so I won’t even ask. 🙂

    Thank you for the “help”.

  18. justine says:

    hello Elizabeth, just finished the elemental mysteries and loved them. I have not read any books that matched the quality of Anne Rice’s books till yours. thanks for creating a brilliant world of escapism.

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